Practical help and consultancy

RhysJones Consultants devised the Change the face of construction website in 1999 and has sustained it independently since June 2000. In addition to running this communications network the RhysJones team of Sandi Rhys Jones OBE and Cheryl Rendell with associate Helen Stone OBE deliver various culture change projects and consultancy.

We provide:

  • the corporate sector (e.g. contractors, consultants and recruitment companies) with statistics, guidelines and latest news.
  • government and the public sector with examples of good practice, details of active participants in diversity initiatives, statistics and general information.
  • the media industry with statistics, role models, horror stories and updates on initiatives.
  • individuals with advice, support and information about mentoring, career development and training.
  • students with latest news and help with theses and dissertations. This includes help in finding the relevant websites and available information sources as well as in depth consultations.

In addition, we offer:

  • training in practical equal opportunities programs for management and staff, on and off site
  • career and personal development courses at all levels
  • internal and external communications consultancy
  • lively speakers for corporate events
  • equal opportunities and diversity audits
  • developing and living the brand training
  • customer satisfaction surveys

Initial help and advice are free, thereafter fees are negotiated. Advertising opportunities are also available for companies and organizations wishing to promote their activities in the area of diversity and equal opportunities.

The consultants

Sandi Rhys Jones OBE and Helen Stone OBE bring a unique combination of expertise in equal opportunities in the construction industry. They have been instrumental in devising and promoting a number of guidelines and toolkits to a variety of audiences, including the CBPP, Rethinking Construction and The Housing Forum.

Sandi Rhys Jones has more than thirty years of experience in marketing and management services in the construction industry, with particular expertise in internal and external communications, research management and analysis, public relations and training. For some ten years she has been active in promoting equality and diversity in construction, devising and delivering practical change initiatives and programs. She chaired the working group on equal opportunities set up by the Construction Industry Board to implement recommendations of the Latham report and is currently a member of a number of industry committees for bodies including The Housing Forum, the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and Rethinking Construction.

Sandi has developed a national reputation for being an effective speaker, chair and facilitator, and has contributed to a number of articles and reports, including two chapters for a book shortly to be published by Spon on managing diversity in construction. She is currently working with JIVE Partners to develop innovative mentoring programmes for women in construction. In 1998 she was awarded the OBE for promoting women in construction.

Helen Stone is a civil engineer with more than 25 years of experience in the industry, providing a powerful combination of proven technical experience with management and organisational skills. Throughout her career she has championed the cause of equal opportunities in engineering and construction. She was keynote speaker on Women in Technology in Beijing in 1994. She chairs the Equal Opportunities Panel of the Construction Industry Council, recently managing the production of a careers video for the construction professions. In 2000 she was awarded the OBE for promoting equal opportunities in construction.

Cheryl Rendell joined RhysJones in July 2002 and has worked on a range of marketing, internet and communications assignments, including the innovative Building Work for Women project, web-based directory projects and inter-active workshops on culture change and diversity. Cheryl graduated with an Honours degree in English from Oxford University in 2000 and gained experience in journalism before joining RhysJones. An associate of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Cheryl also manages the Change the Face of Construction website.