Welcome to the Change the face of construction website

A project about people

Change the face of construction is an independent project dedicated to encouraging greater diversity across all sectors of the construction industry. This encompasses all aspects of the construction industry such as residential, commercial, engineering, architecture, service providers such as garage door repair and installation in Las Vegas etc.  The aim is to improve industry performance by attracting and keeping more of the right women and men, through better recruitment and training, working conditions, career development and communications.

This website provides a valuable hub for sharing information and ideas, improving communication and speeding up the push for change. Progress is happening – although it may seem slow and sometimes unnoticed. Much of what is being achieved is by voluntary groups or committed individuals whose talents are stretched between their non-stop search for funds and the delivery of real outputs. Change the face of construction’s contribution is to raise awareness of these initiatives both in the workplace, and on the industry’s mainstream agenda.

The need for change

The need has never been greater for construction to change its culture in order to recruit and retain the right people. The skills shortage is growing, competition for talented men and women is intensifying and there is increasing concern over the failure to attract sufficient young people into the construction industry. Not only is there a shortage of apprentices but the numbers of people registering for university courses is falling dramatically.

Change the face of construction is the first pan-construction industry project to increase diversity and the number of women, black and minority ethnic people (the lowest percentages in UK industry) and the disabled in the construction workforce.

Change the face of construction is here to present a more diverse, representative and human face of construction. Most importantly it offers a voice for all those who enjoy working in the industry, helping to improve working practice, supporting the concept of Respect for People and generally raising the image of construction.

Originally funded by the DETR, the Construction Industry Board (CIB) in alliance with the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB).

The business case

A recent survey by Opportunity Now (Equality and excellence: the business case) revealed that the savings generated by implementing an effective equal opportunities programme could be as much as £141,150 for a 500 person organisation with an annual salary bill of £18million. Visit their website for more information.

Practical equal opportunities make business sense by helping companies to:

  • draw from a bigger pool of talent to recruit and retain the best staff available
  • make the most of knowledge, skills and attributes of a diverse workforce
  • benefit from lower staff turnover and reduced absenteeism
  • achieve improved teamwork, greater creativity and improved quality
  • enhance their image and build a distinctive brand.

Change the face of construction provides practical help and consultancy for organizations and individuals wishing to bring about change, improve equal opportunities, communication and performance.